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During every consultation with a newly engaged couple, we always get faced with a whole lot of questions. To some, they may seem like silly questions, but in most cases the bridal couple asks the questions because it is their first time getting married. We have put together a Q&A list of some of the most commonly asked questions that a bride and groom may ask a wedding planner leading up to their special day.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer a range of services for your wedding day, which range from full event management (for private and corporate events), full wedding coordination, on the day coordination, event styling and stationery design.

Q: How many one-on-one meetings do we get with you as our planner?

A: Every planner has different guidelines regarding their one-on-one meetings. At Ruby Bee Weddings & Events, our meetings differ based on the wedding or event package that you have chosen.

For our full wedding coordination package, we offer a free first consultation before we provide you with a quotation so that we are able to grasp your concept, budget and to get to know you as a couple a bit better. After the first consultation, there are 3 meetings included in your package that can be spread out in the months of planning before your wedding. (We recommend that the final meeting take place a week before / in the week of your wedding day)

For our on the day coordination package, we offer 2 meetings: An initial meeting to grasp the scope of work and gain as much information from you as possible, and a final meeting the week before your wedding to tie up any loose ends.

Q: What communication methods do you prefer to use? Do you communicate over social media and Whatsapp? Are we limited by the amount of contact we can make?

A: We pride ourselves in providing you with an individualised service, and giving you and your wedding day as much attention as required. Our preferred methods of communication are via a telephone call or email. We prefer not to use WhatsApp or Facebook as a method of communication as we respect and value family time after office hours. We do however have access to emails in our personal time, and will respond to any emails should they require urgent attention after standard office hours.

We don't limit the amount of communication via telephone and email between the planner and the bridal couple, as keeping in contact is essential before your wedding day.

Q: How do we arrange payments, what are your terms, and are there any additional charges that aren't included in your quotation?

A: Our payment plan is subject to the package that you have chosen. Our on the day coordination package requires a 50% deposit upon signing your quotation, with the balance due 7 days before your wedding.

Full wedding coordination & full events management packages require a 75% deposit upon signing your quotation, with the balance due 7 days before your wedding or event.

With regards to our stationery design package, we require a 50% deposit once your package has been chosen and quotation has been signed, with the balance due in order for artwork to be released and sent to your guests.

Depending on the package that you have chosen, we provide you with all inclusions that may occur on your wedding day. Unless discussed prior to your wedding day, we don't have any hidden costs. We pride ourselves in providing you with a line itemed quotation, with all services and costs included.

Q: Do you and your team require meals and beverages?

A: On a standard styling / set up shift, our team doesn't require meals, however we request that water is available for our set up team.

For the full wedding package, onsite coordination package and events management package, we request basic meals for our onsite coordinators as well as access to soft drinks and waters. Should the venue not have capacity to cater for our small team of coordinators on site, we are able to provide our own meals with prior notice, however this will cost will be included in your quotation/invoice.

Q: Do you create the overall vision and do the event styling on the day of the function?

A: Absolutely! We love coming up with new ideas and keeping up with the trends. With our full wedding packages, our vision/mood boards and on the day styling are included in your package.

For our on the day coordination package, this service isn't included, however we can include a vision/mood board at a small additional fee.

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Q: Are you able to assist us with invitations and RSVP management?

A: Yes we are. We offer stationery design as one of our services. We offer three different packages under our wedding stationery division: Full Stationery Package, Table Package, Invitation Package. For more information on these packages and what they include, please click here.

We are able to assist with RSVP management - this entails us sending the save the dates and/or invitations to your guests and keeping track of their RSVP's on your behalf. Kindly note that the full guest list needs to be provided to your coordinator in order for us to manage this for you.

We also offer a 20% discount on any of our stationery packages should you take it with our full wedding coordination or on the day coordination packages. How exciting!

Q: Can you create a timeline or running order for us, and how do you ensure that everyone sticks to the timeline provided?

A: A timeline / running order of events is what makes any wedding planner happy! No matter how big or small your function may be, this document is a crucial part in ensuring that your day runs smoothly. Needless to say, this is included in all of our packages. We incorporate all suppliers/vendors onto the list, with their contact names details. We understand how important timing is, so every aspect of your wedding set up and wedding itself is timed to the last minute (with a little room to spare, of coure)

All active suppliers and vendors and coordinators will receive a copy of the running order before the wedding takes place, so that everyone everyone is prepared before hand.

Your onsite coordinator will liaise with the venue and other vendors to ensure that all runs according to plan.

Q: What parts of the wedding planning process are we as the bride & groom solely responsible for?

A: As your wedding planner, we cover 95% of the planning for you, however there are certain aspects that we recommend doing yourselves without our direct input. We choose to exclude these from our packages as they are very personal and specialized to each bridal couple as individuals, and due to tastes and budgets that differ on a large scale. We are able to recommend and suggest suppliers for the below, however we aren't directly involved in the process.

Excluded from our packages, and services that we aren't involved with include: bridal party attire & dress-code, wedding/engagement rings, vows, guest list, guest seating/table allocation.


If there are any questions that you may have that weren't covered in the above Q&A, please feel free to contact Ruby Bee Weddings & Events at

We would love to hear from you to discuss any queries that you may have!

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