The saying goes "Failing to plan, is planning to fail". This is one of the most suitable quotes for the wedding and events industry! Absolutely everything in our day to day schedule has to do with timing and precision.

Let's face it, ladies & gents. Not all of us are born planners. Some of us lean more towards the procrastination side of things, or have demanding jobs that don't allow for much time to be spent planning your wedding and meeting with potential suppliers. If the latter is you, that's also okay! With that being said, being a procrastinator-planner comes a little bit of last minute stress. Planning your special day should be the best time of your lives and you should enjoy the process, not dread it! If it get's a bit much, there is always help around the corner. That's where Ruby Bee Weddings come in!


My biggest belief about the planning process, is to secure service providers that you are comfortable with for your wedding. You are going to be spending quite a few months in communication with these vendors leading up to your wedding.

A list of service providers to keep in mind, with some of our personal recommendations:

- Wedding Planner & Coordinator (if this is the route you want to go)

- Decor & Floral Styling (www.rubybee.co.za)

- Photographer and/or Videographer (LVStar Photography www.lvstar.co.za )

- Venue (A BIG must on the timing front)

- Caterer

- Hair & Make Up

- Marriage Officer (Troy Goldie Marriage Officer - weddings@telkomsa.net )

- DJ, Musicians, Live Bands, Entertainment, etc (Absolute Music - www.absolutemusic.co.za )

- Stationery Design (www.rubybee.co.za)

- Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Attire (Daisy Island Infinity Dress - www.infinitydress.co.za)

- Bridal Gown

- Groom's Suit

The major objective in the planning process is finding the supplier that you want to work with, and booking them far enough in advance to ensure that they are available for your special day. If your dream supplier isn't available, that luckily leaves enough time to do a bit of research and find the next best alternative that will compliment your personal style, taste and most of all - budget.

As a wedding vendor, we appreciate any bookings that come in irrespective of timing (especially if we are available for your proposed date) - but what we appreciate even more are the couples that come to us with ample time to plan every last detail, without the rush and stress of needing to find a photographer, planner, make up artist, etc a month or two before your wedding.

That being said, if your wedding is a month or two away and you need all of the above - don't fret! We can definitely help you put together your dream wedding to the best of our abilities.


We all know that nothing will run exactly on time down to the last minute - but your wedding timeline is still the second most important piece of paper that will be floating around on your wedding day (the first being your marriage license of course ;) )

Each wedding is slightly different, but the basics remain the same in terms of timing. I get couples that either want a short and sweet wedding, and want to squeeze their ceremony, pre-reception & reception into a space of 4-5 hours - and then you get the other end of the spectrum where the couples want to savour each moment of the day, and want to carry on celebrating until the next day!

Both are fine and 100% up to you as the client - but figuring out how to do the timing is where you, the bride and groom, may need a little bit of assistance.

There are parts of your wedding day where formalities and arrangements can be shortened to cut time (eg: ceremony, cocktails and canapes, speeches, etc). However one area where it generally isn't recommended to cut down on time is with your photos. Bridal party and family shots, break-away couple photos, . Whether you have your photos taken in and amongst your guests during the cocktails & canapes at your pre-reception, or whether you break away during golden hour (more coming up on this later), photographers recommend atleast a minimum of 1 hour to spend some time and take your breath-taking photos.

Photography packages for weddings range anywhere from 6-11 hours -- dependent on your vision, timing, and your budget.

There are quite a few more timings to consider on the day, feel free to discuss Ruby Bee's On The Day Coordination packages with us to get all of the timing just right for your wedding day.


Many people don't believe in the magic of "The Golden Hour" - but as a planner and someone that enjoys working closely with photographers - this is the best time to have your photos taken to get the best results and for the sweet, romantic and luscious golden glow on your skin.

When we put together your wedding timeline / order of events, we often like to schedule your day around the golden hour.

I often like to tell my clients that after your wedding, you will only have 3 tangible things left to remind you of your wedding. In no particular order:

1. Your Wedding Photos

2. Your Wedding Rings

3. Each Other

For that reason, plan your day around your photos. Avoid taking the 'cheaper' photographer option. Take the time to take lots of pictures with your family and friends. Smile. Shove that piece of cake in your loved ones face. Laugh.

Your day goes by in the blink of an eye, and the photographer at the end of the day serves as your extra set of eyes so that you can relive each moment after your day has passed and life goes back to reality.

If you're having trouble allocating time to plan your wedding and you need a bit of assistance, get in touch and let us know what your needs and requirements are. This is what we do on a daily basis - we understand the stresses of planning a wedding, but we also have all the contacts to get things done efficiently and to ensure that all the necessary suppliers are booked and secured for your wedding.

Give us a call for a free consultation and non-obligation quotation today to get your wedding planning started :)

(C) +27 72 817 7144

(E) events@rubybee.co.za

Yours in Planning,

Robijn xx

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